The School of Information and Safety Engineering now has three teaching units including Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Information, Department of safety and environmental engineering. Furthermore, there are seven teaching and research sections including Information Management, Information Technology, Computer Science, Network and E-commerce, Software Engineering, Safety Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


Currently, there are 91 faculty and staff members. Among them, 9 are professors,29 are associate professors, 32 are Master’s supervisors. The school now offers five bachelor degree programs including Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, E-commerce, Safety Engineering and Environment Engineering. Moreover, There are two Level 1 master degree programs including Management Science and Engineering (Management Information System direction), Computer Science and Technology. In addition, there are five common master degree programs including Computer Applied Technology, Information Safety Management, Management Science and Engineering (Information Economy and IT Management), Management Science and Engineering (Safety Management), Management Science and Engineering (Environment Management) and one Engineering master degree that is Computer Technology. Finally, the school has one doctor degree that is Technology Economic Management.


School discipline characteristic is distinct, the members of the school are pursuing the excellence in research, education and outreach in such fields as management science and engineering, information system model, system operation environment and tools, applied computer in management, Database application and management information system, the application of the GIS in the economic construction, safety protection method, the role of government, the virtual enterprise information system management, financial settlement, economic crimes, relevant laws and regulations, security detection, safety management, safety design evaluation, ventilation and emergency rescue, Ecological environment security, occupational health and safety, fire blast theory and technology etc..


The college has a perfect social security technology service system and effective, efficient technical service talents. It established good business relationship with both safe production enterprises and institutions, which outstands in the whole teaching units of the university. The college sets up the safety technology training center and safety detection center which is accredited by the second national safety production training examination organization. It is responsible for the entire province certified safety evaluation, safety engineers, and mine manager continuing education and training work. Furthermore, the school regularly provide testing services for the entire province safety in mines instrumentation every year. Moreover, it is the designated testing and detection organization for Hubei Province Production Safety Supervision Bureau and Hubei Province Coal Supervision Bureau. These organizations serve every safety domains for many years. It will be significant teaching practice basement and research innovation basement for high-level talents.

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